Role: Brand Designer 
​​​​​​​ Responsibilities: 
Brand Identity, Illustration, Motion Design, Visual/Product Design


Planit—a fictional project—is the ultimate digital planning solution, for life’s biggest goals, quick notes, reminders, and everything in between. Guiding you toward increased productivity, Planit blends goal setting, note taking, task lists, and much more, into an all-in-one planspace. Making plans and accomplishing our goals amid life’s hurdles can be difficult and discouraging. At Planit, our mission is to inspire and empower you to achieve your goals, whilst ensuring that your journey towards success is seamless and rewarding.
 The Challenge:
The challenge at hand was to build and establish a brand for Planit that conveys empathy and compassion in an engaging and transformative way. Through its visual identity, Planit sought to curtail the stress of planning and make it a more fulfilling experience.
 The Solution:
Under the central idea, “Dream It, Note It, Plan It”, the solution was an identity with vibrant colour and character that creates a synergistic relationship between product and brand, and conveys the engaging nature of the brand’s personality.
 Concept and Visual Identity:
At the core of Planit's visual identity, is an ode to the traditional method of planning—pencil and paper, a concept that is aptly expressed throughout the brand. The logomark combines the letter 'P' with an abstracted pencil, brought to life with smoothed corners and intentional colour choices. To that end, warm saturated colours were selected for Planit's primary palette, while its secondary colours add a pop of cool-toned accents. From rounded photographic containers taken from the shapes of the logomark, as well as hand-drawn strokes that mimic pencil on paper, the visual language further brings the concept home.
Hatch Sans, by PS Type Lab, was selected as the primary typeface for its subtlety. It creates a balanced contrast with the curved arcs in the logomark and the strokes throughout the visual language, in a way that feels modern and simple, yet playful still.
Further establishing the Planit experience, illustrations are a key component of the visual language, which are applied across the product UI and brand assets. They add colourful flair to the Planit vision, in seeking to inspire us to make our dreams, goals, and plans, a reality. ​​​​​​​
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