Animoto Holiday Campaign
 Role: Designer
​​​​​​​ Responsibilities:  Creative Direction, Concept Development,
Marketing Design, Illustration, Animation
Kateri Gemperlein-Schirm - Designer
Madison Fraitag - Copywriter
The Q4 Holiday period is one of Animoto's key marketing drivers, during which users are encouraged to create videos—both for personal and business purposes— throughout the season. Lasting from Black Friday through to New Years, the Animoto Holiday Campaign spans various marketing channels and in-product touch points.
 Concept Development & Design:
As one of the lead designers, I brainstormed and developed the campaign concept. The campaign was inspired by the nostalgia of old TV commercials — to establish a connection to video creation— combined with the charm of decorated store windows during the holidays. Using this concept, we created a cohesive visual system for the campaign, including illustrations and animations, which were applied and scaled across the company's various marketing channels, including email newsletters, blog images, digital ads, and website banners. 
The campaign ran from November through December 2021, and included promotional efforts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mid-Holiday and New Years. It generated $180K in subscriber revenue. 
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